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Last Congress, the US House of Representatives passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to address the systemic racism and police brutality that have led to the murder of far too many Black people in America. Now, in the 117th Congress, the House will act again by passing this legislation and sending it to the Senate.

Among other provisions, this bill will prohibit racial profiling by law enforcement, ban chokeholds and no-knock warrants, limit the transfer of military-grade equipment to local law enforcement, increase accountability and transparency on police misconduct, invest in community public safety initiatives, and create new training programs to change the culture of law enforcement.

Ahead of House passage this week, the Office of the House Majority Leader is re-launching the popular site to continue educating the public about the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Once again, Americans are encouraged to sign as citizen cosponsors, share their stories, and join in solidarity with the thousands of others who added their voices to this important and on-going national discussion.

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You are invited to become a citizen cosponsor of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and share your story or comment below.

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6 962 Cosponsors since June 24, 2020
256 Opposed
Slow joe needs all the votes. keep them out of jail cosponsored 6 months ago from Brooklyn, NY
Carol Schreuder cosponsored 6 months ago from Colorado Springs, CO
Aashini Shah cosponsored 6 months ago from Westbury, NY
Aud Cui cosponsored 6 months ago from Cupertino, CA
Nikasha Patel cosponsored 6 months ago from Paradise Valley, AZ
Dumblasio and Cucu Coumo want all of you to give it up cosponsored 6 months ago from Brooklyn, NY

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we all matter
7 months ago

Uphold the constitution! act decently! educate yourself! Respect yourself and others! work hard! be proud of your accomplishments! Strive to be a part of the American dream! Be self-sufficient not on the government's payroll obey all laws be proud of who you are! Then you will realize we all matter!!

Rebekah Grimes
7 months ago
Sheffield, AL


Dennis E Jones
6 months ago
Kansas City, KS

End the qualified immunity and militarization of the police. Have the police back in binary options software that works the neighborhood, out of their cars, interacting with the citizens. I realize it’ll be a slow process but we have to change the dynamics between the populace and the police.

Amy Kittell
9 months ago
Seattle, WA

I want to support this, but it still doesn’t address the need of an integration of social workers, mental health professionals, and and alcohol counselors/programs into policing. Without that, it seems unlikely that we will see substantive change.

Cecelia Moore
9 months ago

So much of this racial profiling and mandatory sentencing came about because of Joe Biden's 1993 Crime Bill that you supported and voted for. You thought it was the right thing to do in 1993 but looking back it has caused so many problems for the USA. What problems will arise in 27 years because of this bill? Yes, Police Officers who murder should quickly be subject to Criminal Justice. Yes, aggressive officers should be winnowed out of serving the community in that capacity. I would like you to think about how this bill could limit police agencies from doing their job to serve and defend. There are 680,000 sworn police officers in the US. There are millions of interactions between police officers and the public each day. How many good interactions have you had with the Capital Hill PD each day during your long tenure in the House of Representatives? If everyone treated the police officers with the same respect you do there would be no problems. What are you going to do about failing schools, mental health care, jobs? They all lead to problem with police too. Don't rush to provide a bill because you see all this discontent on TV. Think about a bill that won't be a problem to our country in the future. I guess that's the job of the Senate to be deliberate and think about the future. The House of Representatives is the place for knee jerk reaction. I'm always reminded of Speaker Pelosi's mantra: "Every crisis is an opportunity." Just please think long and hard about what you propose. Do you remember history - that President Washington lead military troops to quell the whiskey rebellion in 1794. Pershing cleared the streets of the capital city during the depression. So, using the US military to quell rebellion and unrest has always been a policy of the government and necessary many 100 no deposit bonuses in binary options times though out history.

Jason blu
9 months ago
Edgewater, MD

This bill nothing to do with black lives but only furthers the double standard that the Democrats celebrate and engender in society — Institutionalizing black privilege by forcing police to look the other way when the perpetrator is black. If this was about saving “black lives” then democrats would oppose abortion, address black on black violence and sponsor bills that fight malaria —all of which kill millions of black lives to the mere handful taken by bad cops.

Song Vaj
9 months ago
Saint Paul, MN

Police had stop me for racial profiling many times within the last 10 years even when I followed the street limits all the times. All the cases I'm being stopped for by police was when I'm in a predominantly white community driving through town or work places. As a minority, I always careful and follow the laws, but even doing so, I still get stopped by the police. For this reason, I know I am being stop due to racial profiling.

Cynthia Campbell
9 months ago
Langley, WA

My husband became a police officer, and I watched him change from a man who was horrified at being taught military tactics to control citizens into a gung ho member of the SWAT team. His disrespect for citizens and people of color, that everyone not a cop was automatically a “dirtbag”, the pride of cops being “the first and largest gang”, his assertion that his word was worth way more than the people he was sworn to protect so he was untouchable. The culture of policing needs to change.

Steve Dwyer
9 months ago

I think a lot of the proposed solutions to systemic racism are very complex and difficult to implement, which is not to say they shouldn't be done. But one is very simple and would make an immediate big difference--universal body cameras for all law enforcement and stricter rules to make sure they are always on. Cameras currently only capture the tip of the iceberg of racism, but this would shine a light on more. Cameras also protect good cops from false accusations, and shame bad cops into acting better.

Don Thompson
9 months ago
Leonardtown, MD

The concern that I have about this bill is that it has nothing to do with any of things that it claims to address. But is rather an attempt to "buy" votes from people who themselves will not take the time to read the bill much less think about the implications. Much of what my representative seems to do is more political than thoughtful.

Kasandra Briscoe
9 months ago
Clinton, MD

I am the mother of two young black men. I should not have to worry if they encounter a police officer. What ever happened to if you need assistance you can seek out a police officer? One should not have to worry whether an officer will harm you, or stand back and WATCH you being harmed and do nothing. Thank *** for those who took the time to film it - those police cameras would have never shared this tragedy with the world. Ban choke holds and introduce mandatory annual training on conduct. Everyone who has the right to vote, please do so, for we have to do our part too.

Jim B. Grant
9 months ago
Norcross, GA

We didn't get to this point overnight and we will not solve all of these issues immediately but we must start now and prevent additional tragedies from happening. This bill addresses most of the significant issues facing us with regard to the interaction between police and the public. My white privilege protects me in ways that my minority friends and neighbors can't access. This is wrong and must be changed. I ask my Representative to support and vote for this bill.

Sharon M Saez
9 months ago
Leonardtown, MD

Too many of my family and friends have been treated suspect because of what they look like and as a result, treated unfairly by police enforcement. Police should be viewed as keepers of what is good in this world--ready to serve and protect. They have been given too much instruction regarding enforcement and not enough instruction on public service designed to provide the citizens with a sense of the role they play to bring about order and well being. This bill has the potential to change past offenses and retool law enforcement with the skills and demeanor to nurture goodwill and community cooperation and self-governance.

Karen Wilson
9 months ago
Lusby, MD

I support our Police. Their jobs are incredibly difficult working with people who are at their worse. I believe we should add education for all citizens, especially children, in how to behave when stopped by the police. Resisting arrest should not be condoned. We also need funding to end abuse and to provide mental health treatment.

Patricia Sadowski
9 months ago
Milwaukee, WI

Black Lives are burdened by systemic racism and injustice in policing. I, therefore, would plead with government leaders to LISTEN to the victims of this systemic racial abuse and invite public input from the Black Community. White people should have no seat here. WHITE APATHY is the perpetrator of the crime. 200 years of the continued ignorance, fear, hate and greed that sustain the horror and injustice endured by Black Lives, speaks volumes. I will be a supporter for any reforms in the law that Americans who were victimized, directly or indirectly, by systemic racism deem necessary. Black Opinion Matters.

9 months ago

Good luck recruiting new officers!! If something like this is enacted, officers will shut down and not do anything. Then what, will you make quotas again? You will have the same Democrats at your door in the next few years whining about the skyrocketing crime rates and the delayed response times of officers working for a defunded and short handed department that doesn’t have the training or equipment they need to do their jobs. This bill will hurt much more than it helps. I say we should start with the personal security details of the law makers that have pushed this nonsense

Dale Ude
9 months ago
Lusby, MD

I see more attempts by the democrats to infringe on citizens 2A rights through this bill. What is the definition of military equipment? Why would anyone want to disarm our police by removing the most up to date equipment needed to fight crime, gangs. terrorists, etc. that have the potential to have the same equipment in their possession? We do not send our troops out to fight these type people with muzzleloaders.

Keiley O’Hallaron
9 months ago
Washington, DC

This bill proposes common sense measures that are long overdue to begin to build trust between law enforcement and the communities they vow to protect.

Christine Grenat
9 months ago
Temecula, CA

My boyfriend was murdered by Parma Heights police in OH March 9, 2002. He was unarmed and shot through his window as he drove away. The officer responsible is still employed and having articles written about his continued brutality.

Anna R Smith
9 months ago
Chicago, IL


Shannon L Lewis
9 months ago

I was pulled over 4 years ago not far from Valdosta, GA, heading East with my Mom & children in the car. The officer had entirely invented the charges. I was traveling at exactly the speed limit (my mother lives near a speed trap in Ohio & is terrified of going over the speed limit, so I was attentive to her needs), but he claimed that he clocked me "doing 90" about 15 miles back when I "passed that tractor-trailer"! I hadn't left the right hand lane the whole trip! And is it procedure to ticket someone - if I HAD - for something 15 miles previous? I remained as calm & respectful as one should, but the officer was angry, so I secretly videoed the last half of my interactions in case things went further South. After arriving home I called traffic lawyers in that area, & none would take the case when they found out where it was because "those officers & the courts were in cahoots" & there was no way to win. I finally talked to a judge in the area & she said that they only way to use my Mother's testimony in the case would be to subpeona her FROM OHIO for the case. I ended up paying the invented ticket, but I've been suspicious the law since. I've seen the over-reach, & it hurts the good officers to allow these guys on the streets.

Dr. Sharon Jones
9 months ago
Waldorf, MD

I am a young African American female. I was born and raised in the Washington, DC community. I am a faithful and committed citizen who resides in southern Maryland, but each day, I am grieved to see and hear about the corrupt system of our law enforcement and legislative branch. I know it isn’t everyone, but one or two bad seeds cause a lack of trust for all. My prayer is that this is not a temporary push for change, but a permanent one.

Sheryl Rose
9 months ago
Jackson, MI

Enough is enough with the police. More social workers for non violent 911 calls. Police only needed when summoned. They need MAJOR Deescalation techniques.

Dave Smouse
9 months ago
California, MD

I don't believe George Floyd's name should be on the bill. This reform bill is bigger than this one incident and unfortunately Mr. Floyd was not a role model. I'm also disappointed that we did not support the Senate bill. Passing this would have been a start and allow an opportunity to add or make changes as needed. This once again showed a political divide of us vs. them when we need to show a united effort for change. I'm just not sure why we continue to do this.

Michael Glaser
9 months ago
Saint Marys City, MD

This is soooooo past due. Compassion should,be,the heart of justice, or,force, not,power. Accountability is key, solid training is essential, understanding and valuing differences idmkey

Mike OHallaron
9 months ago
Washington, DC

The entry point to the system, where prospective law enforcement officers are qualified for service, is an area that needs to be reengineered, elevated and standardized. If the filter is broken your pool will never be clean!

9 months ago
Sequim, WA

please redline ending qualified immunity. that alone will clean up the racist, corrupt, cops nearly immediately. we support it 100% as long as ending qualified immunity is included.

Wayne E Rock
9 months ago
Seabrook, MD

Police must be held accountable, and should not be allowed to operate with automatic impunity. Choke holds and other such tactics should be banned, and training on de-escalation, including speaking to people of color with the same respect the officers require.

Sandy Washington
9 months ago
La Plata, MD

The time for change is now. This Bill is a start.

Katherine Harvey-Lee
9 months ago
Culver City, CA

My father was a volunteer civil rights lawyer in Mississippi during the '60s civil rights movement. He was a champion for those being railroaded into jails and allowing police to get away with murder, literally. I am proud to be his daughter and to co-sponsor this bill in his name - Joseph B. Harvey

Alba Anderson
9 months ago
Ottumwa, IA

These changes will make every American safer! As a Republican who is voting Democrat now I can tell you that some people in Republican Party voted blue because we are tired of the racist rhetoric. The BLM do not want more rights. They want liberty and jus ice for all! Mr. George, like many like him should still be alive today . If nobody is above the law why are NOT holding police officers accountable? We need to hold them accountable and charge them. They do the crime-they do the time. These changes are not “radical” they are fair and very much needed. Making these changes will help us rebuild the trust that the community had in the police and holding them accountable will give justice to ALL families. As a Conservative American I have read the bill and agree that these changes are needed and will make everybody safer. It’s time for the justice system to work for every American! Every American deserves leaders who are advocating for them, who are fighting for them. It is the complete disregard of minority lives that have cost the Republicans votes and if you don’t change your party will never recover.

Michelle Gillens
9 months ago
Waldorf, MD

Although I have no personal experience to these referendums I live in daily fear as the mother of two African American sons that the current status can and will affect my children if we don't enact changes NOW!!. I watch and read in horror to the senseless deaths, treatments of inequality of life and law, and over abuse of power used upon people of color. This must be stopped and legislative power needs to be quick !

Nita L Nabors
9 months ago
Beltsville, MD

In order for any body/car camera provision to be effective, there also needs to be a requirement that data from said cameras be automatically uploaded to a central database within the county/city/state (as appropriate.) Such data would be READ ONLY for local police authority thus preventing any involved party from modifying or deleting said data.

Carol Tessena
9 months ago
Pamplin, VA

The time is here to make racism a thing of the past.

Alfred Sonnenstrahl
9 months ago
Rockville, MD

We, the Whites, need to look in the mirror and clean up our systematic racism. For example, I drove into a gas station near my home with a Black friend . There was a gas war in the area that reduced prices. My Black friend was angry because in the area where he lived, there was only one gas station with much higher gas rate. Because of low income neighborhood, business competition tend to be lower which result higher prices and lower quality.

Tamara S
9 months ago
Cutler Bay, FL

-END QUALIFIED IMMUNITY. -Demilitarize the police. -Outside investigation of police misconduct. -Limit influence of police unions. Allow changes to contracts that enable city/town to fire police. -Make records of police misconduct public. -Police need to be licensed/certified and need to reapply for that certification every few years like teachers, doctors, etc. -Police are given an incentive/positive reinforced, if misconduct, it is taken away. It is not overseen by their department, nor unions. Objective outside party. -Use predictive technology to identify police more likely to use lethal force and aggressive behaviors.

Lynn Price
9 months ago
Deary, ID

Anyone paying even the slightest attention to the past few months knows we desperately need ALL of these measures, in ALL jurisdictions. I am white, and have never had to live with such fear or with such arrogance from the police. I am devastated by the injustices that are coming to light. PLEASE PASS THIS BILL.

9 months ago
, CA

This bill is just a way to undermine the LEO. No one who authored this has ever been placed in a position to make a decision in seconds. LEO already are held to a biased based policing mandate (Racial profiling is illegal), they are already trained in deescalation. You want social workers to respond to a domestic and attempt to talk someone down. Fine do it but when one is critically injured or killed as numerous LEO's have been then you should be held accountable. What happened in Minneapolis was wrong but stop saying there is a systemic problem cause there is not. How about you address the real issue of black on black homicide. This past weekend in Chicago there were 104 shootings with 14 fatalities including children. This is a real problem. If you are so against the police then give up your armed security detail and lead by example.

Nines Zhang
9 months ago
Arcadia, CA

The status quo in how police maintain the law ostensibly serve the citizens is an atrocity that must be rectified immediately. Enacting violence against the citizens in favor of serving this blind AF rhetoric of "justice" without any plans of actually fixing the problems is terrible enough if that were entirely the case, but the fact it's just a screenshield to mask destructive prejudices that go very against the core of the whole "land of the free" ideal makes this an absolute affront to anyone that respects human life. If the country's infrastructure is so fragile that respecting peoples' humanity and ability to live freely within its own constitution are enough to compromise it, then it deserves to fail and be replaced with something that does. Passing this won't solve every injustice we have regarding the police (we still need action for better restorative measures and more direct pressure for state-based problems), but to pretend like what this promises isn't still beneficial is missing the point in how movements occur. Even if it's not the fullblown revolution we desire, it's still a crucial step we definitely need to make. We got this through House of Reps; for the sake of the millions of lives at stake, get this into legislature immediately, and pave the way for more drastic action ASAP.

Jennifer whited
9 months ago
Henderson, NV

I hope included in this policy is the FREE access to police body cams. I believe Las Vegas MPD will be charging $280/hour to access footage beginning July 1! Honestly we know the people who will need to access that footage can’t afford that.

Mercy Faturoti
9 months ago
Bryans Road, MD

As a mother that raised two black men in PG county, I moved out of PG to give my boys a better chance. I saw many boys suffered indignity at early age being body search at stores and having to see many young black boys facedown on the street when driving by on highways. Our officers needed more trainings on rights and dignity of all people especially black men. We respect and support our police officers, they in turn should learn to truly be a community person by getting to know their community and relating to the community as a whole. Guns should not be your mode of communication, it should be a last result to safe a life not to take it. I feel safe at Charles county since I moved there.

S. Yvette Williams
9 months ago
Bowie, MD

It is time that America reform policing policies and procedures. Too many innocent and unarmed black and brown men, women, boys, and girls have been murdered by police officers. There has been little, if any, justice for their murders. Now is the time for change! S. Yvette Williams

Gregory Kitchens
9 months ago
Fort Washington, MD

Time we move out of the dark ages and hold everyone regardless of their standing equally applying justice. Military I served and retired from applied theory Uniform Code Military Justice. Time for something similar and universal for law enforcement in the US. Failure tarnishes the honorable service of LE professionals and breeds distrust among those they swear to serve and protect.

Rev Dr Carolyn V Hodge
9 months ago
Upper Marlboro, MD

As the Retired Director of Equal Employment Programs in a Federal agency, I am very pleased to be a citizen co-sponsor of this bill. It is urgently needed to standardize police procedures, to change the culture for better, and to ensure fair and equitable policing treatment within our society. When my children were very young, I was a young woman and a relatively new resident to PG County (30+ years ago). I was pulled over by a police officer for driving in the left hand lane when I was within 100 feet of making a left hand U-turn. I had my left hand turn signal on; yet, I was pulled over anyway. I felt that this was simply another act of police harassment against a black person. My young daughters were in the car with me. It took me a number of years to undue the damage that was done by this Officer as a result of this incident. I, consistently, taught teach my daughters that all police officers were not evil or bad people. Again, this bill is needed, urgently, and should be supported and passed by my representatives in both the House and the Senate with the goal of ultimately becoming the law of the land in this great Nation.

Kathleen Baeza
8 months ago
Phoenix, AZ

My brother, Ryan Whitaker, was shot and killed by a Phoenix Police Officer on 05/21/2020. The body cam shows, my brother was unarmed and in a submissive, compliant, position when he was shot twice in the back. He was murdered. The officer still remains on the police force. We need systemic change, and officers to be held accountable for their actions. We need to end qualified immunity. A murderer with a badge is still a murderer and should be upheld to the same laws as a citizen.

Michael Jones
9 months ago
Clinton, MD

I'll support the bill

Janice Belletti
9 months ago
Greer, SC

This bill actually does something. Thank you House Democrats. Sorry Tim Scott. I’d have been a hard NO on your bill. As one of your constituents in S.C., I’m very disappointed. Especially seeing as you’re black. You should get this. You should want more. Shame on you. And shame on the Senate for only having ONE black republican.

Jill Kyle-Keith Kyle-Keith
9 months ago
Baltimore, MD

I would like to see more psychology and social courses in police academies. Police need more tools to de-escalate conflicts before force is judged necessary to use. As a citizen of Baltimore, I would also like a return to establishing local beat officers, the same people we get to see frequently and know in our neighborhood. Every time I have had occasion to call the police, the faces are unfamiliar to me, and they don't know me either. Perhaps as an incentive to this, I would like to suggest offers of free housing in the communities our officers serve: *** knows Baltimore has enough dead rowhouses that we have enough to supply everyone on the force with not one but two! And I'm not joking about that: take two problems (abandoned houses and lack of police living in the areas they serve) and solve both at the same time, at least in part.

Miguel Melgar
9 months ago
Wheeling, IL

This bill is guaranteed to save civilian lives. One of the best pieces of legislation to come thru Congress in recent memory!

Dana F
9 months ago
Lawrence, KS

I fully support this bill. From my understanding, some of the bill"s components are limited to federal agents or police? So, states or municipalities might have to introduce their own legislation to hold their police accountable and so forth? I could be wrong. If it is too late to add, I would suggest to introduce a bill that includes bans on filing fees for expunging records for arrests, especially unlawful, unwarrented arrests. Another concern is bail funds on minor offenses, bail amount limits, and limiting amount of time in jail because of bail amount or no court appearances/trial provided in a timely manner. No person should spend months or years under such circumstances. It is traumatizing and has led to at least one suicide upon release. Thank you.

Joanne Fierro
9 months ago
Gilroy, CA

Some of us are lucky enough to live where policing is not a problem but please don't be silent about this. We all need to speak up for those who are not able to.

Gwendolyn Joyce Dilworth
9 months ago

Update the psychological screening process used to help determine the suitability of candidates’ seeking a law enforcement career to indicate potential racial, homophobic, and cultural biases. Some departments require law enforcement and FBI agents with high stress assignments to obtain a psychological (fit for duty), assessment each year. Findings are used to determine those in need of counseling or other personnel action as necessary. Successful completion becomes a work performance requirement.

Vicki Muhammad
9 months ago
Greenbelt, MD

I think the bill should be world wide should be called Humanity For All People. Yes we as black people get racial profile a lot and you don't have to be on s or doing something illegal. To be ousted by the police. Yes George Floyd murder live was horrific. But so many have been killed by police since than. I think Racial Profiling is happen more since President Trump. I think a lot of people have the wrong idea of what Humanity is. Now is the time to be honest with America, its time for a change for good, not putting a band-aid to appease Black American. we are tired of falling. This needs to be a CHANGE Now.

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